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Period of fluctuation – September 15, 2020 Edition

Martin Gagnon speaks with Stéfane Marion to answer your many questions on the impacts of COVID-19 on markets and the global economy.

Your questions about investments

Listen to our experts discuss the issue: Denis Gauthier, Senior Vice-President, National Manager at National Bank Financial - Wealth Management, and Annamaria Testani, Vice-President, National Sales at National Bank Investments

Your questions about mortgages

How are mortgage rates evolving in the current situation? Should I choose a fixed or variable rate? Is it better to buy a new home? When should I renew my mortgage? Listen to our experts discuss the issue: Vincent Filion, Senior Director, User Experience Strategy, Product Ownership & End to End Process, and Myriam Fréchette, Mortgage Development Manager, at National Bank.

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Cybersecurity: How to protect yourself

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